Why should we use Business Portrait Pros for our professional portraits? 

Just scroll through our homepage samples to see the quality and diversity of our work. The photographers at Business Portrait Pros have been providing San Diego business professionals with fresh, creative portraits for more than 20 years. We make the process easy and affordable. Read what our clients have to say.

What’s the difference between a headshot and a portrait?  

We do both. A  “headshot” is the most common and basic of professional “portraits,” usually a head and shoulders photo with professional lighting against a neutral studio backdrop.

A "portrait" digs a little deeper than a headshot and says more about the subject, their personality, or their area of expertise.  In the studio or on location, we work with you to bring out that “inner rockstar” that makes you unique.

What is an environmental portrait?  

Our “environmental” portraits put you in your natural surroundings - whether it’s in an office space, science lab, construction site, or classroom. With great natural lighting and a candid feel,  it’s the image of you that you might see featured in a magazine, on a promotional poster or on a great website. It's the image that says to the world,  “I’m the master at what I do.” 

What clothes should I wear?  

After you set up your appointment we will forward some clothing and style tips to help you look your best on the day of your session.

What about hair and make-up?  

Grooming - If you moisturize your face, we suggest you do it the day/night before, but not on the day of your session. For portraits it's important to keep that shine under control. If you wear makeup, go with the matte finish, not shimmer. We suggest you apply a little bit more powder than you would on a normal day. For short hair, consider getting a trim a few days prior to your session, and style as usual. For facial hair, shave or trim that morning.

Long Hair: Since we usually don’t have a stylist on-hand, for a great result give some extra attention to your hair the day of your session. A little extra hair product can help with those fly-aways, or have it styled just before your session.


When and how do we preview our photos?  

We post everything on a password-protected proofing gallery within a day or so of your session, often sooner.  You can review your photos, choose your favorites, then email the filename of your package selections for retouching and final delivery.

What about retouching?  

Most plans include great retouching of 1 or 2 selections, including removing stray hairs and blemishes, reducing facial lines and shine, and brightening eyes and teeth.  Premium retouches, like closing gaps in teeth and facial contouring are available at additional cost.

When will I receive my retouched photos? 

Allow 3 to 5 days for digital delivery of your retouched files, either by email or Dropbox.

Can I get ALL my of portrait files?  

Yes! You can have all your unretouched files delivered to you electronically for an additional fee.